Saturday, December 19, 2020

River cruise MV Jolporee

River cruise MV Jolporee in Brahmaputra
Location : Brahmaputra Riverside, Fancy Bazaar, Guwahati
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Dragonstar said...

A fine shot! That must be an interesting cruise.

eileeninmd said...


The river cruise sounds like a fun time, great photo.
Have a happy day and new week ahead.

NatureFootstep said...

that seems to be a great way to spend a day on the river. Nice shot!

magiceye said...

Nice capture.

Abhisek Nayak said...

Very well captured.

Rob Siemann said...

Wouldn't mind going with them.

s.c said...

Nice view indeed.

dee Nambiar said...

Love this! And also the video on IG. :)

rupam sarma said...

@Dragonstar Glad you like the shot, Thanks a lot :)

@eileeninmd Thank you so much :)

@NatureFootstep Thanks for your comment :)

@magiceye Thanks a lot :)

@ Abhisek Nayak Glad you like, Thanks :)

@Rob Siemann Thanks a lot :)

@s.c Thanks a lot :)

@dee Nambiar Thank you so much :)