Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Koya Kujia

In a very mild weather on 18th April 2009, I along with my brother while on taking a ride decided to go to Koya Kujia, an enchanting tourist spot, situated 3 km’s away from Abhayapuri Town in the district of Bongaigaon. I had formerly visited the place but compared to then the place now seems to be more amazing.
It seems to be one of the most attractive tourist spot in the North East. I enjoyed spending the time at Koya Kujia.So I would definitely suggest you all to have a visit once at this most exciting place, Koya Kujia

Entrance of Koya Kujia

Welcome Note written through Grass at Koya Kujia

A stunning part of Koya Kujia

Ducks swimming at the pond

Boatman helps us to reach our destination

A lovely view of the Koya Kujia Beel

Reflection of beauty

Wet land after a mild shower

Season of Plantation

Maa Manasha Temple

Fishermen on their work

Our journey by Ambition of Hero Honda

Trip to Shree Shree Maharani Temple ,Khakarpur, Bongaigaon

On 16th of April 2009 we ( me and my brother-in-law) had a visit to the Shree Shree Maharani Temple,Khakarpur which is 194 KM away from Guwahati.The temple is situated beside the 31 National Highway.

at NH31

Guwahati is just 194km away

bike on a ride

Entrance gate of the Shree Shree Maharani Temple

A Look From Temple site At the top of the Hill

way to the Mandir

Construction work of Maharani Mandir is going on

Puja Is Going On

Traditional Devotional Song i.e.Naam Kirton is going on

Siva Mandir At top of the Hill

saint on their pilgrimage

mela at Shree Shree Maharani Temple