Friday, October 31, 2008

Celebrating Diwali at Abhayapuri


dia's in a row

charm of dia's

traditional style of placing dia's in banana tree

spiritual experience

enlighten your life

spinning cracker

my friend rupjyoti's display of dia's at his place

stairs of dia's

uronto cracker

Captured a Bird in 3X Zoom

29/10/2008, 9.00am
so, it's all about this bird...realy it was a very clear day when I was doing my photoshoot wih my Sony W55...but than I suddenly saw this beautiful bird at our backyard..I took several photos of this bird I failed because the bird was changing its place..But I had patience and than you know what happened as you I can see I got the most beautiful picture of my life..

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Koya Kujia

An Article on Koya Kujia,Tourist spot,Abhayapuri,Assam by Prafullakumar Dutta published in BISMOI,Assamese Monthly Magazine ( ,April'2007
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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lord Ganeshji


Symbol of power

Durga Puja at Gouripur,Dhubri
Photo Curtesy:Nirvan Chakrabortty

Traditional Mask

Celebrating Durga Puja at Guwahati

photo courtesy:Nirvan Chakrabortty

Durga Puja at Maligaon,Guwahati

Durga Puja at Guwahati

Durga Puja at Kamarpatty,Panbazar

Celebrating Durga Puja at Abhayapuri

At Shivbari,Abhayapuri

Durga Puja at Shivbari, Abhayapuri

Liptune Circus

Liptune Circus at Abhayapuri Gandhi Maidan

Display of light

Durga Puja Gate at Abhayapuri Gandhi Maidan

Durga Puja at Abhayapuri Gandhi Maidan

Immersion Ceremony at Abhayapuri

at abhayapuri

at abhaypuri

at Abhayapuri

at Abhayapuri

at Abhayapuri

Immersion Ceremony at Gauripur

at Gauripur,Dhubri

at Gauripur,Dhubri,Assam

at Gauripur,Dhubri,Assam

Mother's Love

my elder brother Nirvan took this photo by his new Samsung Mobile

Collecting dreams

a meek pussycat

my photography

Idol of Lord Shiva

Idol of Lord Shiva

An Ancient Sculpture of Shiva Temple at Abhayapuri

Shiva Temple at Abhayapuri,Assam