Wednesday, October 31, 2007

FM Radio in Assam

Now-a-days, I'm getting loud & clear signal specially in the morning,late afternoon to night of all three private FM Radio Stations i.e. Radio Ooo Laa Laa on 91.9MHz, Big 92.7 FM on 92.7MHz & Radio Gopshop on 94.3MHz broadcasting from Guwahati City in my place ,Abhayapuri on Western Assam (approx.170-200km Airal distance range from Guwahati City ) via my Grundig Yatch Boy 400 Receiver (Digital) with telescopic Antenna.
Also a FM Radio Station transmission from Bhutan on 90.00MHz can heard loud & clear here. The FM transmission of All India Radio Guwahati on 100.8MHz can be heard here also. Also FM Relay of All India Radio Guwahati etc can be heard from All India Radio's Dhubri FM Relay Transmitter on 103.3MHz loud & clear sometime even during day time also. I also heard a few months back All India Radio FM Rainbow Relay on 103.6MHz from AIR Shillong. But now-a-days, the signal is not audible here.
Gyan Bani relay from Guwahati on 107.8MHz::
On October 4,2007 around 0143UTC heard Gyan Bani Guwahati on 107.8MHz with fair to poor signal. There was station promos plus other educational programs. Gyan Bani is educational FM channels run by IGNOU.
On October 5, I got good signal of Gyan Bani Guwahati around 0100UTC. There was program on Sri Sri Sankar Dev, the great Basinav Guru & his disciple Sri Sri Madhav Dev , their life & legacy & works & cultural contribution-devotion songs etc in Hindi.
Gyan Bani uses All India Radio's FM Transmitter facilities in various locations.
73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma

Ma Durga

Photo taken during Durga Puja at Gauripur, Dist- Dhubri, India

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Sukleshwar temple ...

we(me and gautam) took some photographs at Sukleshwar temple from there we took pictures of Umananda Island and the river Brahmaputra...

Sukleshwar temple,Guwahati

Dhekiajuli Tea Estate


my photography....

Ganesh Ji

my elder sister Riju ba's work

Few moments captured during our Trip to Dhekiajuli(Assam) & Tezpur

We(me and my brother gautam) started our journey from Guwahati to Dhekiajuli and Tezpur on 29th september 2007 .When we reached Deckiajuli Tea Estate we took some photographs of the Tea Plants & Tea pluckers plucking tea day 30th September 2007 we move forward to Tezpur the City Of Love (Usha & Anirudha) by bus it took about half an hour after reaching there we first visited the Mahabhairav Temple than we move to Agnigarh park n there also we took some photographs of the river Brahmaputra and Koliabor Bridge...
Photography:Rupam & Gautam(Camera:SONY DSC-P73)

Deckiajuli Tea Estate Photo-1

me morvin and gautam

Deckiajuli Tea Estate photos-2

Tea Plants

Mahabhairav Temple, Tezpur


River Brahmaputra

Agnigarh park

Koliabor Bridge...

Devaloy Foot Bridge

Devaloy Foot Bridge newly inaugrated at Panbazar near Sukleshwar Temple, Guwahati....