Thursday, November 22, 2007

View of our City, Guwahati

A view from the watchtower at Guwahati Zoo...

Trip to Zoo

Guwahati's ZOO cum BOTANICAL GARDEN...
Started our ( me & gautam) trip with Bajaj PULSAR was a sunny day for our first trip...saw many animals including a small baby tiger..and went to the Watchtower from where only a part of guwahati can be seen...and there also we took some photographs..with SONY's DSC P73 with 4MegaPixel Lens.

Peacock at Zoo, Guwahati

One Horn Rhino at zoo

Tiger at our Zoo, Guwahati

sunday trip to Balaji Temple located near Betkuchi at NH-37...Guwahati.

we( me & gautam"gomzi") continued our trip from guwahati zoo with our and only Bajaj Pulsar about 3.30pm when you will enter in the left hand side you will see the Ganesh temple..after that you will see the passage to the main Balaji Temple it has three parts..very quite and peaceful environment & very clean inside the temple complex...once you visit there you it will remind you of the south's TIRUPATI BALAJI...photogrphy inside the complex is not allowed but still we managed to take some photographs..and got some toght scoldings also form the purohit regarding photography..

Balaji Temple,Guwahati

at 9th mile, guwahati

Shri Shri Ganesh Mandir at 9th mile,Guwahati

Saturday, November 10, 2007

ASiL & TiDL Presentation

I just designed presentation for Auto Sales India Ltd & Trans India Developers Ltd. Guwahati,Assam

Trans India Developers Ltd (TiDL) Guwahati


We( me & my fan Nirban) designed LOGO, Visiting card for TREND TEAS, Guwahati