Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Friends Forever......

Saltu & bandu my aunty's dog and cat.

Saltu & bandu

Kamakhya Mandir

Kamakhya Mandir,Guwahati,Assam

Entry Gate of Kamakhya Mandir,Guwahati,Assam

New Presskit of the film "Freedom at the Edge"

Today I designed a new presskit(12cm x18cm) for short film "Freedom At The Edge"

My Photography

Me my brother Nirban and Coolman Sarat.


I designed a visiting card for Torsa

Ya Ali -Zubeen Garg

Zubeen Garg Ya Ali (Film Gangster) Wallpaper, Today morning I designed it.

graFiX work

graFiX( works designed by me.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Nirban's Photography

My brother Nirban's Photography....

DVD cover of Freedom at the Edge

I designed DVD cover of "Freedom At the Edge" a shorth film by Aneisha Sharma.

Freedom At the Edge

My work at Boston International Film Festival.

3d view -Barpeta Railway station

Nirban, Apurbada and me modeled 3d view of Barpeta Railway station for Architect Mr. Atanu Baruah, (Architect Collaborative) Chandamari, Guwahati

3D Architectural Work

I modeled (using Maya software) Fintness Center,Auditorium for Architect Mr. Atanu Baruah, (Architect Collaborative) Chandamari, Guwahati.Apurbada,Nirban also with me in this project.


3d Architectural work

I modeled (using Maya software) a restaurant near Kajiranga National Wildlife Park for Architect Mr. Ritul Sharma (AKRITI) , Guwahati,Its my first 3d architectural project.


I designed Poster,Presskit for Producer & Director Jayashree Saikia's film" Ganga"

PressKits of film Ganga

Procyon Cosulting Group

I designed Logo,Visting cards for Procyon Cosulting Group,Guwahati

Dazzlers-preschool new leaflet


I designed Leaflet and Visiting card for "Dazzlers"-preschool, Dispur, Guwahati


Recently I designed Visiting card and Letterhead for Nezone Group,Guwahati


Designed visiting card for REPOSE- one of thelargest bakery and confectionery manufacturers in the North East.


I designed logo,glowsign,rate card for Fyusion,G.S.Road,Guwahati

Corporate Presentation

I designed corporate presentation (using MS PowerPoint) for Auto Sales India Ltd(, Guwahati


When I work in graFiX( We Designed Brochures, Calendar , Hoarding, newspaper ads for BISCON-one of the largeststeel manufacturers and retailers of the North East.


Pruduct Brochures


I designed paper ads, poster etc for Coma-nite club,Guwahhati

My Brother Nirban's drwaing

Nirbanda draw my photo, Its realy good work

my drawing

I draw this picture for my elder sister, my drawing teacher Amal Medhi (now working in assames children magazine "Sofura" as Illustrator) help me when I draw this picture.


I draw Linux logo in Adobe Illustrator when I am in Arena Multimedia,Panbazar,Guwahati


I buy my new PC (18 July'07) from Mahabir Systems, Guwahati My elder brother Pinkuda and my fan Gomz help me to choose a good PC. It’s cool...
My PC's Configuration
Gigabyte Motherboard 945 Chipset Pentium 4 HT 3.0 GHz Processor
Graphics Card GeForce 6200
NVIDIA XFX PCI Express 512
HDD Seagate Barracuda 160GB
LG 17" CRT Monitor

Hello Guwahati

view form my room....

Zubeen Garg

So what do we designers do in our free time? We like making screen savers,poster etc of the idols we admire.One such person that I am very fond of is "Jubeen Garg". Well, who would not be. He has made Assam proud and it feels good to say that I am Assamese. He has received many awards like The Global Indian Film Award, The Star Dust award, was nominated for the Film Fare award, amongst others.
If anyone of you people like me like Zubeen, then please feel free to visit


"Mama I am comming home........"Yatra to my home town Abhayapuri

Shillong Peak


Recently I went to Shillong with my mama and ba.Realy nice place.