Monday, June 28, 2010

A Sunday Rainy View From Abhayapuri

It was Sunday(27th June 2010) but with heavy rains during the entire day.Its rainy season...perfect beginning....
Abhayapuri is my hometown around 200km from Guwahati.

This season get stuck with the beauty of Deepor Beel

The site of “Deepor Beel” (Guwahati) being clicked while on my way to home town. Clicked with my Nokia 5130 Express Music .Though the pictures hereby uploaded here are little hazzy, but I hope that you would like it...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My journey never stops – be it summer or winter days

This very year seems to be the Sun God showering its utmost blessing with its burning heat, over few cities of the country of which I believe Guwahati is one of them. In the midst of these summer days, however my journey to discover some new and exciting places or things does not stop. I was been invited by “Rangia Teacher’s Training College” for some official purpose few days back. I paid a visit to “Rangia College” on 20th of June, on a holiday. While going all through the way, I came across with few of the beautiful moments, which are mostly unnoticeable... Pictures in this post are clicked with my Nokia 5130 Express Music phone.

train arriving at the station of Rangia

a girl playing inside the platform

a hawker approaching towards the train with an expectation to sell his stuffs

relieved from the burning heat, resting in peace

food sellers preparing food stuffs

Old woman on travel to Ambubasi Mela

the last moment when my train arrives

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Few shots of the eternal city of Kolkata

The pictures hereby attached was actually captivated by one of my elder
brother, Nirban with his Nokia 5800 music Express. It was a complete official visit though, yet he managed to move to the residing places that are engraved with beautiful temples, shrines and the mild water flowing in the river, Ganges.
Temples like Dakshineswar Kali Temple, Belurmath Temple were been visited.