Friday, November 27, 2009

Entrance gate of the famous Lungai Shiva Tempale

The Historical Lungai Shiva Temple
This is 23rd November 2009, when I pay a visit to my hometown, Abhayapuri (Bongaigaon) after a long time. As an adventurous freak, I always try to visit some new and exciting places. This time, I visited to a well famous temple known as Lungai Shiva Temple, 10 kms away from the main town of Abhayapuri of Bongaigaon District. The temple is located at the peak of the hill. Visitors need to climb the 227 stairs to reach the temple. The temple has sculptors of Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha and Goddess Kali, which is worshipped three times a day. The temple was build by our ancestors with white monuments and has a great impact in the Assam history. A small river flowing beside the hill leaves the temple shine like a pearl at the top of the hill. Its an amazing place. I am also uploading some of the few snaps of the temple. Hope you will enjoy. Have checked it out!

Dear friends,
I really like visiting the temple. Hope you too will visit this beautiful place soon. And yes, don’t forget to give the feedback. . . . Till then have a nice time.

Agricultural field is still to harvest

The stairs to reach Lungai Shiva Temple

The Historical Lungai Shiva Temple

Still 160 more steps to reach the temple

The sights that can be seen from the peak

The steep nerrow stairs

at Lungai Shiva Temple

Few words for the renowned artist Mr. Amal Medhi…..

Here, I am uploading some of the few drawings and cartoon works by Mr.Amal Medhi. Mr. Amal Medhi is a renowned illustrator of the famous children magazine “Xfura”. Residing at Goalpara, Assam, he has worked with many popular magazines in Guwahati. During my schooldays, Amal da is the person who taught me the art of drawing.
The drawings shown here is the works done by Amal da in the year 2003-04.

cartoon by Amal Medhi

Cartoons by Amal Medhi, Guwahati/Goalpara