Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mahamaya Dham & Mahamaya Snaanghat Temple

About 30-35 kms away east from the Dhubri town, the temple Mahamaya Dham is situated,
which is next to Kamakhya Than (Guwahati) and Madan-Mohan (Cooch Behar) in its attraction to the pilgrims and tourists. It was originally worshipped by the Kacharis,Koches and Nath etc. peoples. They worshipped the famous Goddess Mahamaya, which was the presiding deity
of the Jaminder of Parvatjowar. But, slowly with the passage of time the mother "Mahamya" is being worshipped by all the hindu peoples also.

Followed by the Mahamaya Temple another place of worship i.e. Mahamaya Snaanghat Temple, which is situated few kms away from the main temple. In the ancient period, it is the place where the Goddess Mahamaya used to take bath. From that moment the place came to be known as Mahamaya Snaanghat Temple.
For the world Peace, a "Shakti Yagya" is always performed by the priests at the temple.

The venue took place at the Mahamaya Snaanghat Temple, Khoraghaat, Bogoribari. The Yagya

is performed every year and this time 28, 29, 30th of January 2010.

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