Saturday, January 23, 2010

The completion of 10,000 visitors inspires me to step ahead with more promises

Another year has arrived again, and with this, my blog has completed 10,000 visitors. It feels my mind with pleasure by seeing my blog crossed three years. And, I would not leave this chance to Thanks to you all (My dear friends, bloggers and the entire fmXT family members from BIGB Blog) for the great support.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Rupam !
Again Zainab is there to congrats you on the completion of 10,000 visitors on ur Blog.Hope for the more success of ur Blog.By the way,how r u?Once u told that u have tooth problem,now how it is ?? hope fully fine and much better !!! Plz,take care,don't eat too much chocolates, toffees, bubbles,chips etc etc like me, to prevent teeth problems :D Love u,bye.