Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy Durga Puja

I like the privilege to offers my hearty best wishes to you all on account of the holy Durga Puja festival commencing from the 14th October 2010 and pray to the almighty Goddess Durga that her blessings will pour to all of us.

Have a splendid and happy Durga Puja.


kavita said...

Happy Durga Puja !

Vipin Sharma said...

Namaskar Rupam,

Wish you and yours a happy Durga Puja. May Mata shower her blessings, love and happiness to you.
Vipin Sharma- "Amitji's Payare from Toronto".

Tinku Sharma said...

Hello Rupam, Wish you a very happy and safe Durga puja. while i will celebrate the puja at chennai. At chennai besant nagar is well famous for durga puja, where most of our assamese and bengali people are there for many more years. I will go my native on the occasion of coming Lakshmi Puja by the next week.please share us some durga puja photo if possible. Thanks & Regards. Tinku from Chennai.

rupam sarma said...

@Kaita @Vipin Sharma @ Tinku Sharma
Thank you so much.