Sunday, July 11, 2010

Shots taken through vivid inspirations

Inspired by one of my friend’s art of photography, I came across to those photographs uploaded hereby with. Gautam, who is not only a friend but also brother of mine, has always been one of my inspirations into the world of digital photography. To catch Gautam’s update log on to “Photography & Designs”


Gautam S Brahma said...

@rupam da: truly a piece of great vision and art, loved your post, will be looking more from u.


rupam sarma said...

@Gautam Thanks for your comment.Thanks.

Best Regads
Rupam Da

joshi daniel said...

my favorites are the third last and the last one which has mood :) cheers!

rupam sarma said...

@Joshi Thanks for you comment.:)

Best Regards