Saturday, April 17, 2010

Celebrating 2 years of Sir(Amitabh Bachchan) blog

Respected Sir,
Its just few days before when you started your blog, and soon after it has reached to its 2nd Anniversary. We could not think how those times have passed. Many Congratulation to you on the 2nd Anniversary of your blog. And thank you so much for giving your valuable time with all of our fmXT family. Once again thanks for being with us, Sir.
Please Take Care.

Love & Regards,
Rupam from Assam

~For my all fmXT family members~

Two years have passed. It was just few days back when we just came to know each other and soon became a family. Days have passed……
The writing of blog helped us to find such a lovely family. Here, I would like to congratulate every member of the fmXT family for spending such a wonderful time together.
Till then, take care.

Best Regards,
Rupam from Assam

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Saratchandra said...

Hi Rupam,
Its really wonderful of you to celebrate this 2nd anniversary. Best wishes and regards as always

Anonymous said...

Hello Rupam !
BIG B Blog is the best platform for me on which I not only feel connected to my hero but also got great friends like u.By the way,by which name u r on FB !!! In for me soon.
Love u,bye