Saturday, July 18, 2009

Celebrating 3 years of blog

Hello viewers,It’s been 3 years since I started my blog on 19 th July 2007. Throughout this period, it is a great pleasure in sharing my views with you all. I have uploaded my graphic designs, photography, paintings and lots more in the blog. It is through this blog that I came to introduce myself with many new peoples from different parts of the world. Your kind support has helped me to stay long with you all till date. I am very thankful to you for visiting my blog. I hope you will keep responding to my blog in the coming days also.I promise that I will be in touch with you all forever.
Recently I have united a group called "Xhobdo" along with few of my friends.We have started a new blog "Xhobdo- classics of black" ( ).Please visit our blog.
Rupam Sarma

Guwahati/ Abhayapuri


Mrinal Chakrabortty said...

I express my thanks for the projection made in blog of Sri Rupam Sarma, I am really satisfied with such factual projection.
Indeed Sri Sarma has immense capability in collecting information and make available to the blog visitors. I hope he will do well in the feature days to come.

Mrinal Kanti Chakrabartty

aneisha said...

Three years passed. It’s been long time visiting your blog, Since the day you have started. Unlike others your blog completely different from others.
Best wishes for your new blog “Xhobdo”.

Anesiha Sharma

aneisha said...
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nabanita said...

Congrats! Completion of 3 years of your blog is really a terrific achievement-
A great way to connect to people. Hope your blog continues for many many more years to come.

-Nabanita Borpuzari, Guwahati